In her element

In her element

In her element

Chaos Ali
May 11, 2023

With colours and strokes, I begin to create,
A world of wonder, without any weight.
My imagination, a powerful tool,
Bringing to life, the surreal and cool.

In my mind's eye, I see a new land,
Where anything's possible, with just a wave of my hand.
A place where trees, grow upside down,
And elephants fly, without making a sound.

Through my art, I can explore and dream,
A world of endless possibilities, or so it seems.
From the depths of the ocean, to the stars up above,
I can imagine and create, a universe of love.

With each brushstroke, I bring to life,
A vision, once hidden, now shining bright.
And through my art, I hope to inspire,
Others too imagine, and reach ever higher.

For imagination is not just a game,
It's a state of being, and breaking chains.
A way to think outside the box,
And create a world, that simply rocks.

So let your imagination run wild,
And with your art, let it be styled.
For in this world of colour and light,
Anything is possible, when you imagine it right.

I Am Nimbus